1.5KVA Solar Energy Home/Office System- N392,500

This complete 1.5kva solar energy system package is made up of the market’s leading inverter brand, Schneider Electric hybrid inverter. .

1KVA Solar Energy Home/Office System - N159,999

This complete 1kva solar energy system package is made up of one of the most rugged Indian inverter brands, Afriipower hybrid inverter. .

Deka Solar Gel 12V, 210Ah Battery

Deka Battery is among the highest quality and most environmentally friendly sealed battery solutions for specialized deep-cycle and standby power applications. It is the leading brand for deep cycled gel batteries around the world. .

Varta Solar AGM 12V, 260AhBattery

Varta battery is rugged and designed to deliver a longer life cycle than most inverter batteries. It utilizes Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for huge energy reserves to power multiple electric devices

Monbat AGM Inverter Battery

The MONBAT AGM Inverter battery features advanced Absorbed Glass Mat technology with absorbed electrolyte suitable for operation in higher ambient temperatures. It is a European brand specially designed for reliable electrical storage solutions for renewable energy applications.

Elvees Engineering Limited is a diversified energy services and engineering companywith major interest in power and construction sectors of economy. We are passionate in providing seamless solutions of choice to our customers in meeting their sustainable and affordable energy demands.

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